Theresa had a tiny dog, Beloved.  She was no bigger than her tennis shoe.  She got some worm medicine but it was not the right dose for her little dog.  Vets treat mostly large farm animals.  Congolese eat dog actually.  So Beloved died within 10 minutes of taking the medicine.  Theresa was devastated and got one of the boys named Christian to come and pray for her Beloved.  The other boys prayed some too as they could not believe she was crying over a dog.  Well even though she had lost much fluid and her tongue was hanging out, after 10-15 minutes, God resurrected Beloved!  What was the best part of this miracle is that these street boys, who had been cast into the streets by their families by the age 5 to 7 years old, began to realize they had value and that their must be a God who loved them too if He cared for a dog!!!  They knew they had more worth than a dog—even if she was the cutest and Beloved.

After that Pentecost night the boys began to learn better.  They went from 1st and 2nd grade to 3rd and 4th grade in 18 months.  By the time Theresa left Kinshasa the boys were placed in private schools and were scoring at the top of their classes.  No one knew they were former street boys.

Theresa prayed and prayed over her street children after she brought them to her home and started David’s House of Refuge.  God calls street children His young mighty men.  The boys had seen so much evil and its power that they didn’t believe in God.  She prayed for them to have visions and dreams.  Shortly after Easter in 2004, Holy Spirit visited the 16 boys aged 7-11, while they slept and they were all awakened to the power of God and began praying in tongues and prophesying the rest of the night until 6 am.  They continued to pray every night after that at 2 am for 30-40 minutes.


Theresa had been in Congo little more than a month when there was a robbery and shoot-out 12 feet from her house with AK-47 weapons.  She spent the night on her knees and learned that a true test of prayer is their ability to stop the bullets of an automatic rifle.


Theresa faced death due to pillaging, three armed attacks, and renal malaria for which there is no medicine.   She knows she should not be here on earth.  So her Lord means everything to her as God has supernaturally intervened each time and showed His Love and Faithfulness.  She is so deeply grateful.

A ministry in Michigan found us on the web and donated money for bunkbeds and Bibles for Christmas gifts.  The miracle was their ability to learn French in one year so they could read their French Bibles.