A large mansion in, Theresa's neighborhood, with property and run-down buildings  It had been built during the time of the Huegenots who were being persecuted and burned at the stake in France.  Germany offered asylum to 300,000 of them.   Many Huegenots were upper class or highly skilled and Germany still acknowledges today in their Berlin tours the contributions that they made to the skill and technical knowledge of the German people today!  The King would visit this mansion quite often.  The Huegenots were arguably the first ones to do Market Place Ministry.  Theresa began prayer walking and anointing the building for the Lord.  She put a little scroll in the cornerstone area to claim it for the King of Kings and His Kingdom plans.  After 8 years of being empty and mildew starting to destroy the inside, the property was bought and is being fully renovated by Synanon.  This is a drug and alcohol rehab center.  What is amazing is that Synanon was founded in southern California where Theresa is from before moving to Germany.  Berlin was affiliated until the California group became a cult but this group went on to do great things for addicts.  They even forbid smoking.  She is confident she will have a role in these young people’s lives one day....
Fire angels and rainbows are often seen resting over this former Communist area.  God is watching over the East Gate of Berlin which in Jerusalem is also the Lion’s Gate.  Theresa has 2 stone lions on the gates of her driveway where the Lord showed her in a dream to move.  The Lion of Judah has visited her in the apartment.  Holy Spirit directed Theresa to start the family ministry as a nonprofit (NGO) in Germany and to call it ARIEHS TOR which means Lion’s Gate.

Theresa had only been living in a village south of Bonn for 3 months when she met a man at a bus stop with a leg cast.  Holy Spirit told her to pray for him but she spoke no German except to greet him.  So she touched his arm and said:  "Gott segne dich", which is God bless you.  He struggled to get on the bus as he was older and couldn’t walk well with the cast and obviously had a lot of pain.   A week later she was walking from the post office in the village and he came from behind her running!  He still had the cast on but was talking a mile a minute in German pointing to his leg.  It was obvious he was healed and he hugged her.  To this day she has no idea what he said—only that God is faithful –and that it is not about her words!

Theresa was shopping one day when a young girl threw herself in front of the tram and was hit.  The ambulance was there an hour but didn’t go to the hospital.  Theresa began crying out to God for her life.  She left the scene but prayed the entire day telling the Lord there could be no death or suicide in her neighborhood and on her Watch.  Exactly one week later she was riding a tram and offered to pray for a young man she was sitting next to.  He was friendly and they got off at the same stop.  Then he told her about the accident and said that he was part of the emergency team and they had actually revived her after a long time!  She was alive and in the hospital with only her legs badly damaged.  Praise the Lord!


There is a Nature station in this far east corner of Berlin called Malchow where Theresa lives,  which means:  village of the little ones.  The Huegenots had a children’s home here in the 1700’s.  Theresa began taking prayer requests and every single prayer has been answered.  All of the staff know the truth of Jesus now although some are resisting salvation.  She also bakes brownies for the car repair shop attaching a message about Jesus e.g. at Easter she tells the true story and that it is not the Easter Bunny’s birthday which they think in this former Communist region.  She receives favors for good care for her car and they love for her to come around especially with baked goods.  They know she is serious about Jesus.  They always were told Jesus is fantasy and only government is real....but they are truly experiencing the Gospel message.  Theresa expects much fruit in the future here in Malchow—one heart at a time.