Kenya Projects FLRC expanded into Kenya in early February 2006. FLRC partnered with a large local church in Nakuru to provide programs for women in prison and to assist widows in starting small micro-enterprises. 

We assisted in paying fines of widows who are in prison primarily because of prostitution, they made an illicit brew or killed a wild animal–in order to find a means to feed their children who were starving.  Babies and toddlers stay with their mothers in these difficult conditions.  

Our goal was to get them released and to set them up in a small business so that they can support their children and not repeat the offense. The women also attend the local church co-sponsoring this project with us.  They received discipleship training and supervision through the Women's Ministry.  In its beginning stages, 14 widows have been able to start micro-enterprises and over 11 women have been released from prison. The plan for Kenya includes establishing Discipleship Institute within the local church in order to train leaders and to equip ALL the saints to bring the Good News followed by signs, wonders, and miracles as spoken about in Mark 16 of the Holy Bible.