History of FLRC

Family Life Resource Center(FLRC or CRVF in French) is an 25-year old

ministry which has been offering Christian counseling, parenting training,

communications and leadership workshops, Sunday School training and prison outreach

under the leadership of Founder/International Director, Dr. Theresa Cox.

The non-profit ministry is under the accountability of Full Gospel Fellowship of Ministers

and Churches International and the Federation of Ministers and Churches International

both of which are headquartered in Dallas Texas. FLRC/ CRVF – Family Life Resource

Center, is a 501(c)3 nonprofit registered with the IRS in the USA and
registered since November 2003 with the Ministries of Planning, Justice and Social

Affairs in Democratic Republic of Congo.

In 1988, FLRC was primarily providing alternative Christian counseling, parenting

training, communications and time management seminars.

The vision expanded in 1995, with the development of Prison Prayer Partners, at
Topeka Correctional Facility. PPP was the first team to offer water baptism in
this maximum-security prison. Through prayer Theresa obtained a big metal horse
trough located on the property. Sunday Prayer and Worship services, Baptism
services, women's seminars, training in conflict/anger management, and matching
prayer partners inside the prison with women outside the walls, were all part
of the ongoing prison ministry for over 10 years. The work continues today as
it was handed on to a local ministry.

Mission outreaches to Indian Reservations and Mexico to families
living in garbage-dumps and to men in prison, began the international work of
FLRC. Working with nationals and sometimes traveling with other teams, Theresa
has ministered and trained God's people in over 15 nations including Israel,
Switzerland, England, France, Spain, India, Bangladesh, Romania, Sri Lanka,
Kenya and Gabon before establishing the work in French-speaking DR Congo
beginning in May 2002. FLRC began teaming with local Congolese and churches to
feed over 60 street children, to provide numerous Bibles, books and blackboards
for literacy classes in Lingala, to train over 200 Children's Ministry workers
and to distribute over 300 seed packets to widows and abandoned women.