History of Ariehs Tor

Berlin  is special journey which began in 2007.  Theresa had been active in David’s House of Refuge in Kinshasa Democratic Republic of Congo and a church plant and street boys project in Nakuru Kenya (3 hours north of Nairobi).  She had just returned from a 6 weeks visit to both countries when she had a night vision and the Lord handed her an envelope with one word written on it: Germany.  

She planned to do a quick trip there and asked an older guy in the vision what they should do so she could get back to her real mission in Africa.  He opened another part of the envelope and said:  You must learn the language!  She was stunned.  Theresa argued with the Lord that she was already fluent in French and that she was a grandmother age 59.  He didn’t respond to her rebuttals, so she found a small night class and began to learn some vocabulary and grammar.

Through contacts made at the Lakeland Outpouring, she came to Bonn Germany in June of 2008.  She did some scouting and visiting cities and knew she was assigned to Berlin.  She love the Rhine area so she asked our Lord if she could start out there.  She spent the next 18 months between Germany learning the Duetsch language, mentoring young people and going back and forth to Congo and setting up Operation Congo which serves 9 families and 33 children in the bush of far southeast Congo near the Zimbabwe border.

In June of 2010, Theresa moved to Berlin and began serving and helping local churches especially one church whose pastoral leaders were all in their 20’s or early 30’s.  She began doing pastoral counseling and mentoring young people.  In July 2012, "ARIEHS TOR" Christliches Familienwerk e.V. was founded with a mission to strengthen and to develop individuals  and families listed in the box about Berlin.  All of our services and training are based on Christian Biblical principles.

However, all are welcome regardless of their religion or beliefs.